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Your life, your journey

Get personalised coaching from the comfort of your home.

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personal coaching

It's your life, and you are on your own unique journey.


You might have a specific goal but are unsure how to achieve it, or need a confidence boost to follow it through. Maybe there is a challenge you wish to face and overcome. Or you need a change but you are unsure what that change is.


As your Coach, I am here to help you along that journey, to actively listen, to ask the powerful and challenging questions, and to support and empower you to find your answers and achieve your goals.

Contact me to find out more or to book a complimentary  exploratory conversation

Group coaching

Journeys are not unique to individuals.


Groups and teams of people also evolve along a journey together, whether in small or larger professional settings or in community groups or teams.


Using an Action Learning Set model, I facilitate group coaching, asking the powerful and challenging questions, actively listening, encouraging reflection, and empowering teams to find solutions and achieve goals.

To find out more

or to arrange a complimentary exploratory consultation you can get in touch with me by clicking below

Education Coaching

As an experienced Education Coach within Early Years Services, and Primary and Secondary School settings, I help Education practitioners, and leadership and teaching teams to navigate challenges in their professional journeys.


I support through active listening, powerful and challenging questions, encouraging reflection and empowering individual practitioners and teams to find solutions and achieve their goals.


To learn more visit my dedicated site for education practitioners -  or contact me

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About Regina

I am from and live in the west of Ireland. Over the years I chose to live in different parts of the world because I am curious and seek to understand the world at both a local and global level.


One of the things I enjoy the most is connecting with people, and all my experiences in life, both bad and good, help me do that. My instinct is to see the individual, the human being behind the words and actions.


I am a natural optimist and I believe this allows me to be genuine and trustworthy and to connect in an honest way, offering people a different space to explore their own goals through coaching. 

If you would like to know more about me and my professional journey you can see my LinkedIn profile here.

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Flexible coaching hours available  Monday to Friday

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